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Volunteer Orientation

Orientation for volunteers working at Horizon is a joyous coming together of like-minded individuals for a common purpose. 

You will hear about the wonderful journey that brought your co-volunteers to our organization and you will exit orientation with our mission in your soul.

At Horizon, we believe that it is essential to train our volunteers appropriately for the role that they will play in the organization and with our patients and families. We want our volunteers to know everything they can about our organization and our mission before we ask them to serve our patients.

Orientation is very important in helping our volunteers to become part of the Horizon family and to understand the philosophy of care that we provide. It is through this orientation process that new volunteers become acquainted with the organization, its staff and volunteers.

Horizon offers seven different Orientation Units that were specifically designed for the Horizon volunteer and that introduce you to our culture.

New volunteers are required to attend these sessions based on the tasks that they will be performing for the organization.  Individuals who will be caring for patients attend more sessions than individuals who assist with clerical work in the office.

Orientation sessions are offered monthly.

Some sessions are available during the day and others in the early evening.  There is some flexibility in orientation timing if needed for individuals that require it.  All sessions are led by the leadership staff members who work in the volunteer program and are most familiar with the work that you will be performing.