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Therapy Animals

Unconditional Love, Warmth, & Joy

Healthcare providers, like Horizon, acknowledge the therapeutic benefits that animals can bring. Pets make a visceral impact on patients, staff, and visitors of our hospice units. Horizon is able to offer this opportunity in partnership with Health Heelers, Inc., a professional therapy animal service from Menomonee Falls, WI. 

Laura Hey, Founder of Health Heelers, has a degree in Animal-Assisted Therapy and is a health care professional. The blending of her experience and expertise in the areas of therapy dog/cat programs, and animal temperament and behavior, enables Horizon Hospice to provide this exceptional service to our patients and families.

Video: Below is an in-depth look at what Horizon and Health Heelers are able to accomplish together.


Meet the Team

We would like to introduce to you the wonderful animals that frequent our facilities. Click on the photo below for a whole photo album of pet friends.