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Touching Lives Award

Nominations are now open for the 2025 Touching Lives Award. Download this form and send to Marcy Stutzman at by Thursday, October 31, 2024.

The Touching Lives Award was established in 2007 by Horizon Home Care & Hospice to honor those in our community who use their passion, dedication, work and life to touch the lives of others in a meaningful and impactful way. The award is presented annually at the Matters of the Heart gala, held in February, which funds the Horizon Grief Resource Center. Nominations are open to the public. Nominees do not need to be employed in the field of healthcare or by a non-profit.

Core criteria considered by the nomination committee includes:

Length of Service: The ideal candidate would be an individual who has been providing service to the community for at least 20 years.

Depth of Commitment: The individual will have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to his (or her) work. He is a person who can be counted on to respond when there is a need, to listen when others might not and to go beyond what is considered reasonable. He is tenacious and forthcoming with his ideas and not willing to accept the status quo in his work and commitment to the wellbeing of others.

Innovation: The candidate will have created his own organization or project, or have taken an existing one to new lengths.

Leadership: The ideal individual will have demonstrated leadership especially in his ability to get others to work together toward a common cause.

Results: The individual must have produced tangible positive results from his work in areas of health care, human service or community projects that improve the lives of others.

Creation of Meaningful Change: The nominee will have made a unique and lasting impact and improved the lives of others through his efforts.

History of Touching Lives Award Winners

  • Mary Haynor, 2024
  • Diane Ehn, 2023
  • Laura Hey, 2023
  • Tom "Mel" Stanton, 2023
  • Dr. Alonzo Walker, 2020
  • Cathy Buck, 2020
  • Joe Dean, 2019
  • George Haasler, 2019
  • Cheryl Lingle, 2018
  • Florence Parnegg, 2018
  • Mildred Schumacher, 2018
  • Ron Komas, 2017
  • William Solberg, 2017
  • Dr. Ed Duthie, 2016
  • Marlene Ego, 2016
  • Rose Gaskell, 2015
  • Dr. Gary Herdrich, 2015
  • Joanne Lawlis, Trish Hilbert, Sheila Monkarsh, John Lawlis & Mike Lawlis (Lawlis Family Foundation) 2015
  • Jo Ann Lomax, 2014
  • Mary Ann Mosley, 2014
  • Clinton Seals, 2014
  • Dr. Dennis Shepherd, 2014
  • “Consider the Conversation” A Documentary on a Taboo Subject, 2013
  • Joy Tapper, 2013
  • Paul Westrick, 2013
  • Sue Derus, 2012
  • Dr. David Hoogerland, 2012
  • Robyn Turtenwald, 2012
  • Dr. Lyle Henry, 2011
  • Dr. Anthony Linn, 2011
  • Pamela Parker, 2011
  • Colleen McCracken, 2010
  • Mary Schmidt, 2010
  • Suzette Smith, 2010
  • Leo Brideau, 2009
  • Bill Petasnick, 2009
  • Sue Ann Thompson, 2008
  • Dr. Charles Tiber, 2007
  • Dr. David Weissman, 2007