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Elder Care

You may have a loved one who needs a little extra support.

When our parents or other loved ones start to lose independence, it can be a challenging time, with decisions about elder care in the forefront.

Horizon is here to help you navigate your journey.

We have a broad spectrum of services, ranging from help with light housekeeping to full-time medical care and hospice. No one individual is exactly like another; we pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ needs and developing a plan that is right for them today and can be easily updated to accommodate changing needs.

We want to be your provider of choice. Horizon is an agency that believes in meeting our clients where they are, offering a variety of services to meet your needs, and helping you navigate your individual journey.

You can explore our services here, or feel free to call us and speak directly to an expert in elder care. (414) 365-8300. We can help with whatever your needs are.