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Horizon attains "Green Professional" status from state sustainability program

Just over a year ago, Horizon submitted its first application to the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s Green Masters Program. The program aims to build a stronger and more visible sustainability community amongst Wisconsin businesses, and provides resources for moving green missions forward.

Through built-in sustainable practices and early green initiatives taken up by Horizon’s Green Team, we earned the designation of “Green Apprentice.”

In layman’s terms, “Apprentice” status meant that we showed promise, but had a good ways to go to prove our sustainability commitment to the businesses and people of SE Wisconsin. Our goal for 2020 was to sufficiently advance our efforts and move up to the next level.

Horizon is proud to announce that we have achieved “Green Professional” status!

What did we do to improve? 

  1. Designated monthly Green Team meeting times (and mostly stuck to schedule, even during a pandemic!)
  2. Used both the 2019 and 2020 Green Masters applications as our guides to focus our efforts.
  3. Prioritized waste management, employee education and engagement.
    1. Got rid of individual-sized waste bins to cut back on waste pickup
    2. Transitioned to double-sided printing as the default setting on our printers
    3. Placed a Green Suggestion Box in the cafeteria for employees to give feedback
    4. Instituted sustainability education in staff orientation

If you are interested in “green”-ing your Wisconsin-based business, completing the WSBC Green Master’s Application is really the way to go!  It will let you know where you stand in relationship to other Wisconsin businesses and will establish a baseline from which to evolve your future efforts. 

If the idea of going green is daunting, here are a few compelling reasons to get started:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Energize your workforce.
  • Attract young professionals who increasingly value working for organizations that are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.
  • Remain competitive in your industry.
  • Reduce your bottom line.
  • Communicate to others that you care about the environment within which you operate. 

If you are a partner in health on any level and interested in more sustainable healthcare delivery, please check out the following to help you get started!

Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council (WSBC):
Wisconsin Healthcare Professionals for Climate Action (WHPCA):
Contact our Green Team Lead directly:

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