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Support for Programs

We hope you will consider helping.

At Horizon, we have many programs that need support through financial funding and in-kind donations to survive. We hope you will consider helping.

Hospice Care Bags

This program allows our hospice staff to present a care bag to each patient and their family when they transition to hospice in the home or in a facility. Care bags are meant to provide comfort, a few essentials and some valuable information to our patients and their families during this often difficult transition. Our goal is to include the following in each care bag:

  • Washcloth-style wet wipes
  • A comforting blanket, shawl or wrap
  • Medicine dropper
  • Navigating End of Life Care, written and published by Horizon to help patients and families learn about and understand the journey they are embarking upon
  • Insulated mug with drinking straw
  • Pill box or medicine organizer
  • Pill cutter or crusher
  • Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs and Communications of the Dying, by Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley
  • Comfortable socks with grips on the bottom
  • Lotion for hand and foot massages

To serve all of our patients, we require an approximate quantity of 1,500 of each of these items each year. How can you help?

  • Donate – your cash donation helps underwrite these items which are given directly to hospice patients as a gift
  • Donate – could your business, church or social group donate a large quantity of any of the items above? In-kind donations are accepted and help keep this program available to hospice patients
  • Donate – your creative knitting, crocheting, quilting or fleece blanket tying skills are our bread and butter! Each bag contains a unique, comforting blanket, shawl or wrap donated by a kind creative soul who cares about hospice patients. No pattern required – we love your creativity and so do our patients!

Hospice Special Needs Fund

Horizon’s staff is passionate about caring for their patients. Often, they find a need for a small nicety, a birthday cake, a room fan, a hamburger from a specific Milwaukee burger joint or a trip to have lunch overlooking the lake.

We’ve developed a special needs fund for our staff to pull from when a big impact could be made with a little bit of funding. Your donation, large or small, will help Horizon empower its employees to go the extra mile for their patients whenever possible.

Charity Care

Horizon serves thousands of patients per year, many of which are un or under-insured and have no way to pay for the care they receive. We accept patients who have nowhere else to go, and proudly serve those in the community who are in trouble. Your donations help us provide nursing care, wound management, hospice and more to people in need. Every dollar counts and is used to provide a visit or care to someone who is struggling.