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"Happy" - A Volunteer Story

Here at Horizon, our team of 150 volunteers are happy, productive, and making a real difference. We have more than a dozen ways to assist Horizon and our patients – certainly, one of our many service opportunities will sasify your need to do something great.


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The following is a personal account from one of our volunteers. 


"My mother was in town, so I took her with me to visit Grace. Grace was awake and alert, which was a pleasure to see, although she seems weaker than ever and seems to be having some occasional body tremors.


We took Grace over to the piano, and I had my mom play for her so I could sit and watch Grace. Every once in a while she would look over at me and smile; she just loves music. I asked her at one point if she wanted to keep listening, and she said loudly and clearly, "Oh yes, I love it!" My mom did a double-take at that; Grace isn't very conversant and mumbles a lot, so hearing her speak so adamantly surprised my mom.


After 45 minutes or so at the piano, we wheeled Grace back to the TV room and said goodbye. I asked her if I could give her a hug and she said, 'Oh yes! It makes me happy.'


I feel lucky to know Grace. She makes me happy."

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