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5 Reasons to Attend ROCK THE PARK

5 Reasons to Attend ROCK THE PARK

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1.  That feeling you get when all the worries of the world are gone, and you actually get to enjoy a warm, summer evening filled with music and loved ones.

Enough said.


2.  Ample Playground Space for the Kids!

We were thinking of the kiddos, too, when we picked our location! The WHOLE FAMILY can enjoy this event.


3.  Avoiding Summerfest Crowds while Enjoying Quality Music

So many people have told us that they refuse to go to Summerfest because of its crowds. If that applies to you, then consider Rock The Park! A local event with a truly local-scale feel, this concert will give you that outdoor entertainment you like without all the hassles of the large festivals.


4.  Supporting a Local Non-Profit's Mission

Horizon Home Care & Hospice is proud to be a non-profit organization aimed at serving the surrounding community.  Rock The Park will help us continue to care for those who need our help. 

We are one team, united under one goal. We also have some fun together, too!


5.  The FOOD, the BEER & the WINE - the satisfaction of sipping a cool refreshment on a warm summer evening

MAXIE'S - Southern cooking including the "Low Country" cooking of the Carolinas, Creole and Cajun cooking of Louisiana, and southern comfort cooking of all kinds

In addition to Miller products and other standard beer choices, Rock The Park will include craft beer selections as well. We are proud to say that Big Head Brewing Co. is our exclusive specialty craft beer vendor for the event.

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